Catch reporting

Registered fishing camps are obliged to report catches to the fisheries authorities. Each fishing trip and all catches, whether landed or released.

Each boat must report the catch every day. It is super easy. Follow the steps below to report your catch.

- Send your email address to (one responsible person per boat)
- You will receive a pin code on your email
- Go to and press “register catch” (use your phone, tablet or pc)
- Enter PIN code
- Fill out the number of each fish (not the weight)
- Press finish and confirm

Boat safety

We have robust and safe boats. However, the Barents Sea can be challenging if you don't take necessary safety precautions.
We show you everything you need to know about the boat and its safety equipment. The boats are easy to manouver and the sea areas have few islands and shallows. Safety equipment:

- digital sea maps
- echo sounder
- tracking system
- fire extinguisher
- rope and anchor
- 80 liter fuel tank
- lanterns
- safety ladder

We advise you where to go, and provide weather information and precautions.

Upon arrival all guests must sign a boat rental agreement (disclaimer) stating responsibilities and emergency information.

Each boat has a GPS tracking unit transmitting a GPS signal every minute, so that the owners of the fishing camp have control of the location of all the boats. This is an important safety measure making us able to locate the boat in case of any problem.

Arctic sauna and ice bathing

Attending the "Hot & Cold" activity with arctic sauna and ice bathing is not entirely risk free. However, we do our best to mitigate the risks and ensure a safe activity.
Hot ovens and icy water, snow and ice, slippery surfaces and drowning hazard. No acitivity is risk free, and things can go wrong. But, if we take necessary measures we can prevent it. For the "Hot & Cold" activity we have made a risk analysis with mitigating measures. To ensure a safe activity we have the following safety measures:

- life buoy on the dock
- first aid kit
- supervising personnel
- stairways and ladders with hand rails
- no-slip adhesive on steps
- potable water available
- resuscitation/defibrillator available in the center of Skarsvåg
- blankets and hot showers
- rubber mats on slippery surfaces
- floating safety rope in the sea
- rescue rod

We always take weather precautions. If the weather doesn't allow ice bathing, we cool down in the breeze or in a pile of snow instead.

Emergency situations

Accidents and critical situations may occur. Our goal is that all guests have a safe experience with us, able to return home as safe and sound as when they arrived.
We are always available for dialogue regarding safety and weather conditions. All guests can contact us any time for questions regarding the safety of the activity. All our guests must bring a cell phone with all relevant emergency telephone numbers. We also have tracking units on every boat to ensure we know about the location of the boats.

Norwegain fishing rules

All guests are welcome to fish for free in Norwegian sea waters, provided that you follow a set of simple rules. Some of the coastal fish stocks are under pressure and simple and effective regulations are implemented in order to ensure that future generations also can enjoy fishing for recreation in Norway.
You may only use handheld tackle when fishing in the sea.

It is illegal to sell your catch.

Registered fishing camps are obliged to report catches to the fisheries authorities.

Release all halibut above 2 metres long.

Only tourists fishing from a registered fishing camp are allowed to bring fish or fish products out of the country when leaving Norway. The limit of 18 kilos of fish or fish products can be exported out of Norway twice a year.

Do not fish protected species.

More rules and regulations can be found on

Booking policies

When booking a fishing holiday with Cape Marina we provide information about terms of payment, cancellation policy, camp rules and more.
All Cape Marina guests are obliged to follow our camp rules and sign a boat rental agreement upon arrival. We will hand out the camp rules, sea maps with "hot spots", fish reporting form and camp visit certificate allowing each person to bring fish across the border when going home.


We are located in Northern-Norway - "on top of the world" - as we like to say. We live in the home of the midnight sun and the northern lights. Here you can experience the pitch black polar night in the winter time and everlasting and bright summer days where the sun never sets.
The weather can change quite rapidly in Northern-Norway. We advise all our guests to plan the everyday acitivity accordingly, and pay attention to the weather forecast.

Camp Visit Certificate

Cape Marina is a registered fishing camp in Norway. Each person can bring max. 18 kg across the border.
Before leaving Cape Marina make sure to get a Camp Visit Certificate documenting your stay. This document you can show the customs if controlled when crossing the border.

Food and grocery shopping

There is no grocery store in Skarsvåg. Make sure to make a stop at the supermarket in Honningsvåg to buy food, drinks and essentials for your stay.
We recommend you stop in Honningsvåg and do all the shopping there before arriving in Skarsvåg. Cape Marina has no food services at the camp, but in Skarsvåg you will find a few decent cafés and restaurant. We recommend The Christmas House in the center of Skarsvåg. There you will be served delicious fish soup and king crab dinner.