Get to know our team. Cape Marina is a family driven business with people who strive for you to have the time of your life and world class service.

Who we are

Kjell: A retired fisherman with nearly 50 years of experience fishing in arctic waters. Kjell knows how to build and fix anything. A jolly old handyman and practical mastermind. In Skarsvåg everyone loves Kjell. A man who simply cannot say no.

June: June is Kjell’s daughter and a lively girl with lots of energy. She can show you Skarsvåg like no one else. Always smiling and enthusiastic. Not too bad looking either.

Ruben: Ruben is June’s husband. He has multiple tasks at Cape Marina, and does whatever June and Kjell tells him to do. A social and likeable guy who loves to jump into the sea for no particular reason.

What we do

We aim to become the preferred fishing camp destination in Northern-Norway. By providing personal service and authentic hospitality we will make sure you have the best possible stay, whether you come for fishing, accommodation or arctic sauna/ice bathing. We have built Cape Marina into a functional fishing and holiday camp with all amenities needed for the perfect holiday. Our goal is to please our guests in such manner that they want to come back year after year.

Where we are

Cape Marina is located in Skarsvåg fishing village in Northern-Norway. So far north, but still so close to:

  • North Cape
  • Rich fishing areas with giant halibuts and various big fish
  • Honningsvåg city centre
  • Honningsvåg airport
  • Wonderful nature
  • Genuine hospitality


Our Partners

A wise man once said: "Cooperation is vital for all successful projects and customer satisfaction". No wait a little. That quote is a phrase of our own :) We enjoy developing things together with skilled poeple and have many partnerships with tour operators, local businesses and organizations. Here are a few of them.