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We know our guests will feel at home when we feel at home. We deliver great service each and every day with a spirit of kindness, teamwork, and hospitality.

This is Cape Marina

A family driven business

Kjell Bjørnar Ingebrigtsen Fisherman

A retired fisherman with nearly 50 years experience fishing in Arctic waters. Kjell knows how to build and fix anything. A jolly old handyman and practical mastermind. In Skarsvåg everyone loves Kjell. A man who simply cannot say no.

June Kjellsdatter Alseth CEO

June is a lively and happy girl with lots of energy. She can show you Skarsvåg like no one else. Always smiling and enthusiastic. Not too bad looking either.

Ruben The guide Alseth Guide

Ruben is June's husband. He has multiple tasks at Cape Marina, and does whatever June and Kjell tells him to do. A social and likeable guy who loves to jump into the sea for no particular reason.

Cape Marina AS
Børnesveien 1
N-9763 Skarsvåg



Ruben Alseth
Phone: +47 979 61 150

Kjell Ingebrigtsen
Phone: +47 995 63 053

Org: 920 313 779 VAT

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